Trillion Trees template forms

To log in to your KoboToolbox account, open this link: and enter your username and password.

The Trillion Trees template forms can be downloaded from the public collection called "Trillion Trees" in Kobotoolbox library.

Follow these steps to use the template: 

  1. Download the template: Open the link below, click on the three dots "More actions" and select "Download XLS".
  2. Adapt the template: Open the template in Excel and make the necessary adjustments for your context. 
    1. What change can be done in the template:
      • Add questions (the 'name' of new questions should be in english)
      • Add, delete or edit choices (the 'name' of new choices should be in english)
      • Edit the labels and hints
      • Add languages (add labels column) or remove the languages not needed
    2. What must not be done:
      • Delete any colum (except for labels in languages not used)
      • Delete any question/line from the survey tab
      • Change variable names or types (columns 'name' and 'type')
      • Change anything in the column required, relevant, or calculation
      • Group existing questions
  3. Validate the form: Check that your form is compatible with the database using the Trillion Trees Form Validator.
  4. Upload the form: In your KoboToolbox account, click on the blue button "NEW" and select "Upload XLS form". Drag and drop the form, then deploy it.
  5. Share the form: Open the "Settings" of the form, select "Sharing" and click on "Add user". Enter "trilliontrees", select "View Form" and "View Submissions", and click on "Grant Permissions". Also add the user "ct_trilliontrees".