Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trillion Trees?

Trillion Trees is the united force of Birdlife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and WWF. Together we protect and restore forests all over the world - for the benefit of people, nature, and the climate. 

What is FORMAPP?

FORMAPP is a suite of tools that helps partners of Trillion Trees tracking reforestation efforts and measure our impact. This online platform provides guidance and tutorials on how to use the tools, template forms to monitor the interventions, and customizable dashboards to view the results.

How to log in to FORMAPP?

The login button is at the bottom of the FORMAPP website pages. You can login using your professional email address if you’re part of the Trilion Trees partnership. 

How to register a new project on FORMAPP?

To register a new project on FORMAPP, click on the Projects tab of the website. If your project do not appear in the list, you can create a new one with the button “Add new record”.