Welcome to the Trillion Trees form validator

BNS & NRGT Form Validator

After you have downloaded a template survey form from the ConSoSci Form Library and adapted it to your own survey, you can use this form validator to validate your survey form and ensure the structure of the form is the same as the template. This is necessary if your database is built on the template structure, to ensure that the data from this new form can still be integrated in the database.
To use the form validator:
1. Select the master template form that you used to create your own form.
2. Select and upload your own form.
3. Click on the Validate form button.
Here are some advice on how to adapt a template form:
ok Add questions (the 'name' of new questions should be in English)
ok Add, delete or edit choices (the 'name' of new choices should be in English)
ok Edit the labels and hints
ok Add languages (add labels column) or remove the languages not needed
forbidden Delete any column (except for labels in languages not used)
forbidden Change variable names or types (columns 'name' and 'type')
forbidden Change anything in the column required, relevant, or calculation
forbidden Group existing questions
How to interpret the results of the form validator?
  • The list of errors is sorted from the 1st line of the form to the last line
  • Lines in black are changes that should not cause issues when using the form or transferring data to the database.
  • Lines in orange are changes that may cause issues when using the form.
  • Lines in red are changes that will affect the data integration, because the structure is different than in the template. If you are using a database that is based on the template structure, the data from a form with changes highlighted in red will not be transferable to the database.

Any changes highlighted in red means that your form is not valid. You cannot use this form: please review it to better match the master form. Changes highlighted in yellow means that your form can be used but might not work properly - please contact ddetoeuf@wcs.org to ensure you can use it.